Tin tức 2008

Biểu tượng mới của Học tập tại Việt Nam

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:02

SIH campaign

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Tư vấn trực tuyến chương trình thạc sỹ Quản lý Tài chính

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:14

Chat session on Master in Financial Management

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Dutch universities do well in allocation of European research grants

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:20

Fifteen researchers at Dutch universities and three researchers affiliated to other Dutch research institutions have been awarded grants by the European Research Council.

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Holland leader in English taught courses

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:22

Holland leader in English taught courses

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Pre – Departure Briefing

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:24

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Weekly Chat Session

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:26

From August 2008 onwards, Neso Vietnam will provide weekly chat session about “Study in Holland” information.

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New courses for NFP Alumni

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:28

In 2009, University of Twente has introduced two new short courses and that are available for fellowships.

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University of Twente test location in Vietnam

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:34

From October 2008 onwards, Neso Vietnam is appointed to be a reliable test environment for prospective students of Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Twente (UT).

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Monthly e-Newsletter

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:36

The first issue will be delivered on 20th October 2008. Highlight of this issue is scholarships 2009-2010 specifically for Vietnamese candidates.

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Management traineeship openings at Friesland Foods

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:45

Neso Vietnam is supporting Dutch businesses in Vietnam to look for Vietnamese talents who have studied or are studying in the Netherlands to develop their career professionally.

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Discover Europe Fair

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 04:57

14 European state members participated at the fair in Singapore.

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Flyers about Dutch Higher Education major strengths 2009 - 2010

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 05:03

Neso Vietnam has published series of flyers about Dutch Higher Education major strengths. Please download for more information: (Available soon)

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Signing ceremony of grant agreement Dutch Lady Vietnam – Orange Tulip scholarship

đã phát hành 20/05/2013 05:08

Binh Duong, on the morning of November 5th, 2008 – Nuffic Neso Vietnam and Dutch Lady Vietnam have just signed an Memorandum of Understanding for the Orange Tulip scholarship 2008, at the premises of Dutch Lady Vietnam. Dutch Lady Vietnam has earmarked 90,000 euro to sponsor four Vietnamese top students to study in The Netherlands from 2009 to 2010.

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