A look back at Neso Vietnam’s activities in 2016 and forward to 2017

2016 is a year full of actions for Neso Vietnam. A variety of activities were organized from generic promotion to alumni. Let’s have a look at what happened and expected opportunities in 2017.

Dutch Placement Day 2016

Do you wonder how to reach Vietnamese students? Dutch Placement Day (DPD) is a great option to choose. The fair focuses only to Dutch institutions and offer personal discussions with local students by booking appointment in advance.

DPD was organized for the second time in 2016 and it attracted 12 Dutch institutions (an increase of 3 from 2015) and over 600 Vietnamese students in Ho Chi Minh City. By cooperating with Academic Transfer, Neso Vietnam can also offer Vietnamese students a wider range of education levels from Bachelor to PhD. Do you want to register or get to know more information about DPD? Click here.

From Pre Departure Briefings to Welcome Back Receptions

How early should we stay in touch with alumni? We believe it should be as early as possible. Neso Vietnam tried to stay in touch with our alumni right before they depart to the Netherlands via the Pre Departure Briefing (PDB) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in summer. PDB provides practical things to students about life in the Netherlands. Importantly, the speakers are Vietnamese students who come home during summer break and share the most updated information about life as an international student to the freshmen. Bringing new and old students into one place helps Neso Vietnam staying connected with students since their journey first start.

After their study, we welcome back students who are now alumni in a business oriented event where Dutch Embassy and Consulate together with Dutch companies are a part of the event (in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City). Career path is what alumni at this stage are interested in.

Meanwhile, we treasure the expertise of alumni who came back long time ago and now taking high position at their organization. 2016 marked the first national alumni conference in Vietnam where we gathered alumni in agricultural and water expertise to talk about the hottest topic in Vietnam last year “Sustainable development and livelihood in Mekong delta”.

So, do you consider organizing an alumni event for your own institutions or combine with Neso Vietnam to take the best out of your alumni network in Vietnam? Contact us.

Information sessions and webinars

Before becoming your institution’s students, candidates need lots of information. That’s why being recognized online and offline is important not only for branding but also to answer questions to students. Since October 2016, Neso offices around the world offer webinars(487 kB) package to Dutch institutions. So far, we have run 2 webinars in Vietnam and actually full until March 2017. If you are considering to join a webinar, please feel free check our Neso Vietnam’s activities calendar for possible dates and contact us to reserve your slot.


Finally, we are looking forward to receiving you in Vietnam and making use of our offers to promote your institutes on our Facebook page, website and instagram or joint seminars. As a growing market, Vietnam is worth for your investment as Theo Hoogiemstra, Nuffic Director mentioned in the video below during his visit to Vietnam in November 2016.


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