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At Saxion we welcome students from all over the world – how about you?

Saxion offers English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programmes in an international environment in the Netherlands. Learn how innovations affect your discipline and how you can prepare for your future profession in society – both locally and globally.

Why choose Saxion?

At Saxion, you can influence your own study plan by co-creating the best educational content for you. Moreover, we try to prepare our students for a smart world by learning you how you can apply technology and circularity in the development of your future profession. We do this by offering practical-oriented teaching in the forms of interdisciplinary collaborations together with companies, institutions and government bodies. In this way, you will get the opportunity to learn how to combine knowledge and how to tackle complex issues in real projects.

But most of all, Saxion has a familiar atmosphere, whereby you actually have a personal connection with the teachers.

Curious which study programmes you can follow at Saxion?

Saxion offers various English-taught bachelor and master study programmes. Follow a bachelor study in Applied Computer Science, Creative Media and Game Technologies, Fashion & Textile Technologies, International Business, ICT Software Engineering, International Human Resource Management, Hotel or Tourism Management, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Physiotherapy or International Finance & Accounting.

Looking for a master programme? Follow a master in Applied Nanotechnology or Innovative Textile Development. Both studies are unique in the Netherlands and Europe!

All of the above-mentioned studies are followed by a mix of international and Dutch students, ensuring an international environment wherein you can exchange experiences and knowledge with fellow classmates from all around the world.

Saxion as an international student

Our international student population tops 3,500 students with a total of 89 different nationalities. The international classrooms are made up of a mix of students from all over the world. In this way Saxion provides you with a truly multi-cultural experience in which you can compare experiences with and learn from fellow students of different backgrounds and nationalities.

All Saxion locations are based in the city centers of either Deventer, Enschede or Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. These are all vibrant cities with good public transportation and affordable housing.

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