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The Institute of Social Studies in The Hague of Erasmus University is an international postgraduate school and one of the oldest and largest centres for the comparative study of social, political and economic development.  

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In the MA programme you learn about the most recent theories and debates in your area of specialization and learn to apply this knowledge to practical issues of development and social change. Majors on offer:  

- Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies  

- Economics of Development  

- Governance and Development Policy 

- Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives 

- Social Policy for Development  

- Governance of Migration and Diversity 

Students come from government, NGOs, universities and private companies, as well as some directly from their previous studies. The staff is drawn from around thirty countries from all over the world. The multicultural community at the ISS offers an excellent learning environment both inside and outside the classroom, in which students can gain from each others’ diverse experience. 

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