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These programs contain a 1-year academic study in 2 different countries;

-          Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo, The Netherlands. 

-          Plymouth University in the U.K.

2 Different Universities, 2 different cities and 2 different countries, with their own approaches, cultures, international communities, strategic environments and good relations and cooperation’s with numerous employers in their region, both nationally as internationally. This increases your chances on landing a good job.

There are 4 different programs;

MSc in International Business and Management

MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MSc in International Procurement and Supply Chain Management

MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Our ultimate aim is to prepare you for a management career whether or not you have academic and/or industry experience. We offer an opportunity to enhance your professional competence with the knowledge, technical capacity and skills demanded in senior management positions.

At Fontys we belief that a range of different study approaches prepare you best for the business field after graduation; workshops, lectures, group work, guest lectures, assignments, group discussions, excursions and case studies.

To study these programs you need to be;

- open minded with a self-reflecting attitude

- Independent and self-reliant way of thinking, working, decision making/taking

- Being actively involved in an international community

- Being motivated to work hard since the program has a heavy workload of 90 ECs in 1 year.

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