Tio University of Applied Sciences

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Tio welcomes students from all over the world. Tio is proud of the fact that more and more international students find their way to Tio each year, which allows Tio’s already extensive international network to expand even more! Tio’s recognized bachelor courses will prepare you for a career in business, e-commerce, event management and the hotel and tourism industry. Tio offers high quality education based on an unique concept: education in a small-scale environment, with personal attention for every student. Tio University has three bachelor courses: Hotel and event management, International tourism management and International Business Management. International student can choose either for the campus of Tio in Amsterdam or Utrecht. Both one of the most known and beautiful cities of The Netherlands.
Hotel and Event Management Hospitality is hot! Welcome to the world of first class hotels and restaurants with star status, as well as festivals, concerts and sports events. HEM: the classic higher hotel management course in combination with event management.
International Tourism Management : Create holidays as a job! As a manager in tourism, you are selling the world. You put holiday packages together, purchase at attractive rates and establish worldwide contacts. ITM is your ‘boarding pass’ to the future.
International Business Management : The world nowadays revolves around trade. Establishing and maintaining international contacts. Seeing opportunities or creating them. IBM will bring you a step closer to international success.

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