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Master International Communication (MIC)

The Master in International Communication (MIC) is a unique joint programme, developed in close cooperation between the Geert Hofstede Consortium partners:

• Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands

• IULM, International University of Languages and Media, Milan, Italy

• Vilnius University, Lithuania

• Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK

These four universities across Europe all specialise in communication and public relations in international professional contexts and will offer you the full benefit of their collective expertise and international networks.

The MIC prepares communication professionals for their tasks and responsibilities in a multi-cultural and international environment. Diversity is a key element.

The programme

The MIC is a three-semester programme (90 European Credits). A core programme is offered in the first semester and three specialisations are offered by each of the four consortium universities in the second semester. You will spend these two semesters at two of the consortium universities. In the third semester, your dissertation will be written under the supervision of those two universities, each awarding you with a master degree.

The programme is practice oriented and based on competence-based learning. You will work on ‘real’ cases brought in by companies and (governmental and other) agencies. The course is fully offered in English to an international student body.

The graduates

Graduates of the MIC are interculturally competent communication professionals able to work in a global context. They anticipate change and are able to create, offer and manage sustainable and innovative solutions to problems from the professional field at a senior managerial or consultancy level.

The Orange Tulip Scholarship

Hanze UAS offers Orange Tulip Scholarships for its MIC programme consisting of a tuition fee deduction of 2500 Euros. This is a grant for one to two applicant(s) from each of the following countries: Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam.

In order to apply for this grant you need to be unconditionally accepted to the programme and start the MIC at Hanze UAS in Groningen, the Netherlands. Excellent students who meet the criteria may apply for this scholarship through Nuffic after you have received the Letter of (Provisional) Acceptance from Hanze UAS.

For information on how to apply for MIC, please visit www.masterinternationalcommunication.eu

Master in International Business and Management (MIBM)

The Master in International Business and Management programme is a full time postgraduate programme for graduates of business administration and business-related disciplines (economics or management). The programme challenges you to apply business and management theories to current international business practice. To prepare you for a career in international business you experience a strong focus on the key professional skills of intercultural communication, creative thinking, personal development and leadership. The programme offers direct entry to suitable graduates and requires no additional work experience. It prepares ambitious graduates for international management positions in e.g. marketing, human resources and finance departments at companies of all sizes.

At the end of the second semester you will receive an invitation to the boardroom: literally. In business simulation game “Invitation to the boardroom” you and your fellow students will be invited to work on the boardroom case of a real company. We will set you up with a task, a real life boardroom problem that you have to solve in limited time, with limited resources and changing parameters. You will get a role of a boardroom executive and you will come up with your strategic direction and the board will decide which proposal they follow. This business game requires you to put into practice all that you have learned.

The tuition fee for the MIBM programme is €11000,00. The programme starts in September and has duration of 18 months. Graduates of the MIBM programme are awarded an internationally recognised MBA degree worth 90 ECTS, accredited by the NVAO (Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organisation).

IBS runs a popular Double Degree Programme with the Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The programme allows students to complete the second semester at ARU. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a truly diverse international experience. Students participating in the Double Degree Programme obtain two officially recognised international degrees, within 18 months: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Hanze University UAS and Master of Science in International Business (MSc) from ARU in Cambridge. Furthermore, the tuition fee for the Double Degree Programme is same as the regular MIBM programme.


Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) full-time programme is targeted at business professionals who want to become tomorrow’s leaders and managers, and who are looking for a comprehensive education in business management in a fully international environment. In this programme you learn to integrate the main business processes into effective and efficient corporate strategies. In addition, you learn to deal with the diverse and sometimes diverging interests of various stakeholders involved in international business. The programme focuses on leading sustainable changes in business and society.

We attract students from all over the world, resulting in cross-cultural interactions and a high diversity in our classrooms and during project work. This is the ultimate climate to train your intercultural skills. IBS provides its students with valuable access to an extensive network of alumni, businesses and academic relations.

Our courses are delivered in small groups with intensive contact between students and staff. Next to lectures and workshops, you will work in teams, as well as individually on practice-based and experience-based projects and case studies.

The first two semesters are characterised by course work and the third semester focuses on conducting applied research in either a business context or in an area linked to the start-up of a new company.

The full tuition fee for the MBA programme is €13900,00. The programme starts in September and has duration of 18 months. Graduates of the MBA programme are awarded an internationally recognised MBA degree worth 90 ECTS, accredited by the NVAO (Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organisation).

IBS offers also an MBA Double Degree programme with the International Graduate Center (IGC) at the Hochschule Bremen, Germany. This programme consists of four semesters: During the first two semesters students study at IBS. In the third semester, students relocate to IGC, Bremen. The fourth semester sees students complete a joint thesis. There are three master’s programmes offered at IGC for students taking part in the Double Degree:

•             Master in Global Management (MBA)

•             International Tourism Management (MBA)

Information about the tuition fee for the MBA Double Degree programme will be announced additionally.

Master in Sensor System Engineering (SSE)

Are you passionate about technology and engineering? Are you open minded, do you like to stretch boundaries to find out what is out there? Can you apply yourself, developing new ways to move the technology ahead, specifically in the health domain? Then take a moment to consider the opportunity to join us for one year to complete the Sensor System Engineering (SSE) master's programme.

This master prepares you for a bright future in the fascinating world of advanced sensor applications. A domain that is rapidly growing, providing all kinds of interesting prospects for you, ambitious engineers. We offer two specialisations: in Health care and Energy.

Sensors affect and benefit the lives of billions of people world-wide. Healthcare is one of the main areas where the innovative applications of sensors becomes increasingly important. Quite a promising prospect for you as a future sensor specialist, with expertise in said area.

The Sensor System Engineering master's is recognised programme, offering a challenging schedule to students. This means 10 ECs are added to the regular 60 ECs master's programme. You will be expected to show creativity and the drive to discover new solutions by yourself. Naturally, you will be supported by the lecturing staff, as well as experts from industry, health and applied research.

After graduation you will receive a Master of Science diploma. Duration of the programme is 12 months. Full tuition fee is 7500,00 EUR.

As a Master of Engineering you will qualify for a variety of jobs in the following domains. You can make a career in the health or energy domain, developing products and services that involve sensor innovations for medical devices, domotics and home care. Another promising career move is to apply for a job in the technology domain, where you will develop technical sensor applications. A scientific research environment is another great place for you as a master. Here you will work alongside scientists who are focused on high tech research projects as genome sequencing or seismic monitoring systems.

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